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If you want to customize,please contact us! The picture below is about the  process of customizing products, 👇👇       

Please read it slowly!💗

1.Order and Payment: The buyer selects a customized dog hair clip, places the order, and pays $259.9 USD.
2.Photo and Requirements: The buyer provides a dog photo as a reference and can specify style and color preferences.
3.Sketch and Color Confirmation: The seller creates a sketch based on the photo, turning it into a hair clip design. The sketch and color options are sent to the buyer. The buyer approves the shape and selects a color.
4.Production: The seller starts making the customized dog hair clip with the chosen color and shape, taking around 30  working days.
5.Delivery: After quality inspection, the seller packages the clip and arranges shipment. The buyer receives a tracking number.
Additional Information:

Non-refundable and non-exchangeable: Customized products cannot be returned or exchanged, so the buyer should carefully select style, color, and shape.
Estimated Time: The entire process takes about two month, with 30 working days for production.
Quantity: Usually, 1-2 identical dog hair clips are produced and delivered.